About Me

Owner and Creator at Ecofreak Interiors
Hi I'm jody the creative brain behind ECOFREAK INTERIOR'S,ย 
Creating home decor the sustainable way, by recycling and recrafting into eco conscious designs.
Im a 30 something UK mom of three teenage boys!
I'm a feminist and an earth warrior ๐ŸŒ
I've always drawn and painted for as long as i can remember,
I'm also keenly aware that we are destroying our little planet, (the kids call me a hippie! ) So combining the two was my inspiration for ecofreak interiors,
I'm building my dream of being a successful business while doing what i love, and doing my bit to help our planet.
My mission is,ย 
to be kind to earth and inspire others to do the same while creating and encouraging sustainable design. For the benefit of a future where eco friendly is normal.
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