What makes my business and products sustainable?

What makes my business and products sustainable?

The catchline “creating sustainable home decor in an eco conscious way” is a pretty good indication that i may be a sustainable business but let's get into the finer details of how. These are the most important factors to look at when choosing an eco friendly business to shop with.

Responsible materials and resource management 

All my materials are responsibly sourced, the wood I use is always reclaimed wood which I find in an abundance of places, sometimes in the form of pallets. Other times it's broken furniture, no matter what it's always salvaged and never brought new. 

The paints I use are collected off a local free site and any other things I use are either brought second hand or found for free. Doing this helps keep things out of landfill and helps protect our environment from the vast amount of waste we are creating. 

I am also not depleting natural resources by only reusing and repurposing rather than buying new base materials. 

Even my packaging is recycled materials, that you can simply reuse or compost

raw materials for making products

Conservation and ethical production 

For the benefit of environmental conservation my products do not use hazardous materials. I have no desire to subject either myself or mother nature to any further hazardous chemicals, such as wood that has been treated with dangerous chemicals, like the blue pallets, so none are used in the creation of my products .

 Repurposing reusing and recycling ensures my business is making products in an ethical way and has a seriously low environmental impact.

 ECOFREAK INTERIORS reduces waste created by other companies, by turning the junk people throw away into pretty new items. And to further offset the damage done by bigbox stores we are planting trees with your orders too. 

Ethical production would include the fair payment and welfare of workers, this doesn't apply to me as it's just me, a one woman army! But i'd highly recommend you check the ethics of a company you intend to buy from regarding their workers

    Efficient lifecycle

Everything I find is local so my carbon footprint is minimal especially as I'm usually walking, I'm keeping waste out of landfill and generally doing my bit to help mother earth along the way.

There is minimal waste generated through the product creation, even the sawdust created from the sanding of products gets added to my compost , and the small bits that are no good for making are used to keep me warm in winter. Rather than create waste the whole idea of ECO FREAKS  was to use reclaimed materials to make beautiful new things. 

There are almost no environmental costs to making my products, and the benefits to earth of using reclaimed material in this way far outweigh the little electricity I use whilst making them.

You can have something pretty for your home and know it was made totally eco consciously.

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Minimal impact disposal 

There's no point in doing all that recycling and sustainable practices to end up with a product that's not in itself recyclable.
Now id rather you kept your wall art on the walls but in case you wondered, they can be disposed of without going to landfill. 
As most of our products are wood it's easily disposed of with minimal impact. You could reDesign or repurpose your wall art,  or even compost it . Even if it is  dumped in landfill we can rest assured that it will simply return to the earth. As for items not made from wood, I encourage you to regift or donate so that someone else can get use out of it .
My packaging is always recyclable too and I recommend you either reuse or compost it.
protect the earth


All these points are factors in determining product sustainability. I'm sure there's someone I haven't mentioned and there's always things I can work on,  to be more eco friendly but for now,  I am happy that I am doing everything I can to manage resources and create products in an eco friendly manner.

Check out my sustainability mission statement here.

If you have anything to ask or to add, comment below, or reach out to me on insta, i'd love to hear your views as to what makes a sustainable business and if you are looking for sustainable home decor the click here!

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