What is Eco Friendly Design

evironmentally friendly interior design
Well where do we start?
With the fact that over 22 million pieces of furniture get discarded each year, in the UK alone!!! Can you imagine how much that would add up to if you included all the home decor items we buy too,?
         This situation is most definitely not eco friendly! 
       So what can we do about it??
Make your interior design eco friendly!
If you go into the room you last decorated, can you say that you followed the reduce, reuse,recycle method before you ran out and brought new pretty matching things? Probably not, and i’m as guilty as the rest! After going out to buy a new set of plant pots, to match my new grey room, it occurred to me that i did not actually need any new plant pots, what i needed was some appropriate paint and a little creativity! Now several years later the original pots are still here and have been an array of different colours and i've not wasted a perfectly good pot! (in all honesty the pots would have ended up in my sunshed anyway but you get the point.)
The same goes for many other of your home decor items, that faded lampshade can be easily recovered in new fabric, picture frames can be quickly painted to match your new decor, pots can be wrapped in rope, furniture can be repurposed, there is so much we can do before we throw it away if your feeling inspired then check out pinterest for some amazing ideas.
If you really don’t want some of your things, then go onto your local free sites, they are generally full of young people that are just starting out, and although you hate those purple curtains, someone else would be extremely grateful. I've also took things to a local hostel for the same reason, and they always appreciate what you can give. As do charity shops. Do everything in your power to keep good items out of our landfills.
 The most common upcycle would be the painting your furniture, but get creative and think about a change of use for your piece of furniture, even if its broken there is bound to be a local up-cycler like myself that could make use of the drawers or handles, we should really try every other option before we settle with taking it to landfill!
Now you have reduced, reused and recycled its time to think about where you buy from?
My first go too, is always the charity shops for beautiful sturdy vintage furniture, and again those free sites, There is often another person also giving away the contents of their living room decor so they can decorate just as you are. maybe you will find the perfect collection of items for your vision. Wallpaper is always on these sites too and is often enough for a feature wall so get looking, its fun to hunt!
Paint is a more difficult one, some landfill sites will let you take paints but please ask first (don’t want you getting in trouble) if people are giving away paints half used i tend to grab them and mix into new colours. (just make sure you have enough to finish your project) some areas actually have paint exchange schemes, unfortunately not mine! If you buy paint, buy good quality but look for the sales, and for smaller projects use tester pots.
work in progress at ecofreak interiors
So far you have done a lot and hopefully not spent much, so you will wanna hit the shops, but stop, wait, don't go straight to your big box store, there are far more ethical companies right at your finger tips! Do a quick search of your local area and i'm sure you will find many many small businesses just like mine They may be making just what your looking to buy, a lady making drinking glasses from gin bottles or the gentleman making metal sculptures from scrap, you never know what's right on your doorstep and these people are much more deserving than Mr bigwig!
Look for business with sustainable practices, those that are recycling materials as i do when making signs, all my raw material is reclaimed i never go and buy wood to make signs, i go and find it! Its a much more fun way of working and the makers enjoy the challenge of the upcycle! Don't go buying bland plastic tatt from the big box stores there’s so much creativity out there why would you?
And that is Eco friendly interior design, reduce reuse recycle repurpose and buy sustainable or upcycled. Most important is to think, think about where that item is going and how you can keep it out of landfill, then think about what you buy and what you really need!
Let me know in the comments or on instagram or facebook any eco friendly design practices that you use.
Peace out Eco Freaks!

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