The Problem With Avocados

the problem with avocados , blog post

The Problem With Avocados!

I recently got into a bit of a heated discussion on instagram regarding the production of Avocados. So I thought I'd write a blog discussing the issue.
Everyone seems to think that Avocados are great, that they are a healthy and sustainable superfood.  They are certainly the superstar of instagram food posts happily adorning the plates of hipsters all over the world. These same people are often eco warriors. But they are wrong to give this fruit so much love! Avocados are extremely bad for the environment and we really should not be eating them! It's time to boycott avocados and here's why!

Firstly you should know that Avocados are grown in Mexico, a very hot and dry country, astonishingly it takes 1000 litres to grow 1kg of avocados (that's roughly 3 Avocados) in comparison it takes only 45 litres of water to grow 1kg of broccoli. Growing Avocados needs huge amounts of water so where do they get it from?

They simply divert the streams from native villages and away from local animals! This practice is leaving whole communities with no access to running water at all, as they fence around the streams and don't allow locals access. The animals can't access this water either!

The river beds are dry, there are droughts, the ecosystem is damaged, it's a disaster! The Avocado is a jungle plant! Not even really suited to being grown in mexico!

Who's they? Who is doing this and how are they allowed to get away with it?

You will be shocked to learn that the mexican drug cartels are running these Avocado farms, bringing in excess of £100 million per year! It's big business for them so they have no qualms about the ethics of what they are doing. 

Not only do they steal the water, they are also not shy about using who knows what chemicals in the production process. Causing locals and farmers respiratory issues.

 But to create these farms, they are cutting down or burning huge areas of Mexico's native pine trees, these trees are the habitat to indigenous species including the beautiful monarch butterfly. There are over 500,000 acres of avocado farms with demand still growing   If anyone dares argue with them they are likely to find themselves dead. Locals used to call Avocados green gold now they refer to them as blood guacamole. That statement alone says everything you need to know about Avocado farming in mexico.

Once grown, the Avocados are then packed into crates and driven away on roads created by culling forests, to air conditioned cargo ships that export to all over the world, including Europe, North America and even Asia! The Avocados travel tens of thousands of miles to your plate. The estimated carbon footprint of 2 small avocados is a whopping 846.36!

This is obviously not good for the environment and not sustainable!

the problem with avocado toast

Next I'd like to let you know that you were all tricked!

How so? Well did you ever hear of an avocado before about 2000?

Thes answers are mostly no, and this is because of a representative for the industry called Hass Avocado Board. In the early 2000s they launched one of the most successful food marketing campaigns in history. Avocado was touted as the ultimate superfood.

But then in the 2010s we entered the age of instagram and Avocados became the food everyone wants to photograph. It was a huge boost to the industry. Now we get endless pictures of Avocado toast with sesame seeds! Even t-shirts with smiling avocados, yet it's really nothing to smile about. Every avocado you buy contributes to the water shortage, to the drug cartels and to the destruction of the environment!

What gets me is it's the same people that claim to want to protect the planet that are sat eating blood guac! No eco warrior, vegan or anyone should be eating this shit!

 It's about time we started making some noise about this issue.

 Avocados are not sustainable! 

Next time you go into a cafe serving Avocado, or see a friend eating one, I want you to tell them, show them this blog, explain to them why Avocados are really bad! Don't stand for ignorance, as consumers we need  to understand the impact of our choices and consider them before deciding what to buy and eat. 

 I strongly believe we need to boycott Avocados all together!

 They are not sustainable in any way shape or form.

 Stop importing them,stop eating them, stop showcasing them on instagram and start educating others of the problem with Avocados.

the problem with avocados infographic

I could go on all day but I'll leave it there! 
Let me know what you think about this sad situation in the comments below, 
Or catch me ranting about it on instagram
Peace out ecofreaks 

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