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camping in the great glen

Hello Fellow Eco Freaks,

For those who don’t know me, I’m Jordan!

Just a regular guy trying to live in harmony with Mother Nature and to do his bit to preserve the beauty she provides us! 🌎

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the recent sun shine, we’ve waited long enough for it haven't we! ☀️ Whilst the sun was shining and I had a week off work I decided what better time for a wild camping hike! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏕 🥾 (The Eco Friendly Way Of Course) So I called up my mate Kerry from “Drunk on Wonderlust” to see where she was in the world, it wasn’t long before we’d planned a week away backpacking through Scotland’s, Great Glen Way!  Here I will document and review, hiking eco friendly, and the meals I tried out the veggie and vegan way 🥕 🍅 👍

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One of my great loves if you know me won’t surprise you, is food! 😛🥘 Now basically apart from any places we pass through everything that I eat, I need to carry! Therefore it needs to be lightweight, nutritious, be ready to eat it or able to be cooked on a camping stove and of course be Vegan or Veggie!

So I head over to Morrisons to lay my eyes on their selection. The first product that grabs my attention is “Loma Linda’s” selection of sustainable plant based meals. I grab a pack of “Pad Thai with Konjac Noodles” at a price of £2.80. This looks super tasty and is made with sustainable plant based protein, whilst being 100% Vegan! So far this is ticking all the boxes! 👍 

Ok, maybe it is a tad on the expensive side, but hey a guys gotta eat! So we tucked into this on day 4 of our wild camping trip sat at the top of a valley, looking over the beautiful lochness. We’d done some miles that day so was looking forward to a tasty and filling meal and believe me I had found one! As I took my first mouthful my taste buds came alive, aromatic, spicy and tasty! Also with 13g of well needed protein per pouch this defo gets a thumbs up from me!  One word of warning this one is quite spicy so not for the faint hearted!🌶 🥵

loma curry

I also decide to give there “Thai green curry with meat free chicken and rice”ago, at £2.80. Again, 100% Vegan and super tasty, with aromatic spices and a creamy sauce and containing only slightly less 9g of protein per pouch. However, I did have to add some rice to thicken up the consistency and complete the meal. For a vegetarian choice (contains egg white) I though I’d try Quorn “classic chilli” pouch. Again this packs a good punch of protein at approximately 10.8g per pouch! Gotta keep those energy levels up with all this hiking guys! 🥾 This comes at a price of £2.39 and is a tasty on the go camping meal, with some added rice!

Now no camping trip is complete without the “odd” sarnie stop along the way. So Loma Linda do a fish free alternative to tuna, there adaptly named “Tuno” coming in at £1.30 a tin. Whilst this does have a similar consistency of tuna, I wouldn’t say the taste is exactly there! But when you’ve hiked 6 miles all before 12 midday, add this to a flat bread and with a bit of Mayo or salt added this does the job just nicely. Containing approximately a whopping punch of 16g of protein this is sure to get me over that next hill.


Now onto my favourite part the snacks! I cannot rave enough about this range of nut based snack bars “Perkier” containing no palm oil, are 100% vegan, high in fibre and containing 6-7g of protein per bar these are a perfect and tasty pick me up! Coming in a range of flavours such as crunchy peanut and cacao and orange (these 2 being my faves) I don’t think Ile ever get bored. They come in packs of three and retail from £1.50.

I'm going to leave it there or now , if you'd like to know more about my trip please find here the link to the first half of my adventure with “Drunk on Wonderlust” 
I hope you enjoy and next time I will be reviewing everything cosmetic I used to keep me from turning into a complete bush troll along the way and will include the second half of my adventure!
Untill then, Stay safe, sustainable and keep up your good work my fellow eco freaks. Love and light Jordan x
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  • Great blog post, the vegan meals were defo pretty awesome! I love spicy stuff so the Loma Linda pouches are a great choice


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