Jordan's Journey Part 1

Editors note : This week something a little different, I'm introducing my good friend Jordan as he embarks on his brand new eco journey, he will be sharing his experiences with us once a month. Hope you all enjoy his insight

Jordan's journey at EcoFreak Interior's

Hello fellow Eco Freaks! 

My name is Jordan I’m a 38 year old guy living and working in Hinckley and have recently started my “eco journey” 

“What made you decide to start this journey?” This or variations of this is the question I keep hearing from friends, family or work colleagues as they start to take note of the changes I'm making in my life!

Well I suppose even as a small child I instinctively must have had an idea of the impact us ‘human beings’ have on the world. I remember asking my mother where does the rubbish go after it has been taken by the dustbin men. She explained that it went to the local tip and then to landfill in a manner that a young child would understand.

I remember being bewildered by the fact we were just digging big holes and filling our planet with our trash! I imagined all the people in the world and all the rubbish we must be producing daily, weekly, monthly and all the big holes full of our rotting waste. Surely we will run out of space, I thought? How is our planet going to cope with all our rubbish? There must be a better way!

Fast forward a few decades quite frankly my childhood questions have been answered, IT'S NOT COPING! The planet cannot possibly cope with the sheer amount of rubbish we cram into it!

Our rainforests are burning, the ice caps are melting, the coral reefs are dying and the tigers and elephants are going extinct. The world is heating up at such a speed that our plants, animals and ecosystems cannot adapt! If we carry on releasing Carbon into the atmosphere at the rate that we are by 2030 we could begin to pass the Earth's “tipping point” of irreversible climate changes. In short our own actions are securing the inevitable end of the human race! 

Yes the Earth would eventually recover, the skies would clear and the sun would shine down on lush green lands and the waters begin to beam with life once again! But we won't, Our ancestors won’t be here to see any of the Earth's beauty and wonder! Sometimes I think, is this such a bad thing? We absolutely do not deserve this beautiful planet. 

Where were you when the Earth burned they would ask?

    And of course many of us were fighting, but the well of power and truth was so deeply poisoned by corporate companies and greed.

But how did we not listen to the scientists and environmentalists on time they may ponder?

   And we will answer but how does one fight monsters when there are an eternity of them to fight? We promise we tried, living each day hoping, praying and wishing, we tried!

Here I will document my journey of “trying’, trying to live my life in a way that has as little impact as possible on the beautiful planet we live on.

I'll be trying out many of the home eco products now on the market and giving you my opinion on what actually works and what is affordable, i will also be sharing all the other aspects of my eco journey and the steps i take to become greener, i'll be sharing new thing i've learnt along the way and also any barriers i come across along the way.

Lets begin…..


Since starting my journey I have been a lot more mindful of my actions and the impact they make.

This led me to implicating small and easy changes to my daily life and routines around the home.

A number of these changes I had already made, as I’m sure many others have too, since environmental issues have been brought to the forefront in recent


So here we go…

Using less water ~ I have managed to do this in a number of ways, and all without turning into some sort of swamp monster!

Less Baths and when I do run one, not so deep.

Swapping a bath for a shower and reducing the amount of time in there.

Using shorter washing machine cycles.

Using less Energy ~

Turning appliances off at the socket after use.

Layering up or using a hot water bottle rather than going straight to the thermostat. 

Reducing wash cycles to a 30 degree wash rather than a 40 degree.

Wearing outer clothes such as Jeans or sweaters for longer, rather than chucking them in the wash basket after one wash! (a quick spritz with an Essential Oil/water blend keeps them smelling lovely and fresh! 

The Great thing about these changes is that as well as saving energy ill also  be saving money on bills it’s literally a win win situation!

ecofriendly soap

So onto some of my first eco friendly swaps...My main and first goal was to reduce single use plastic in my bathroom.

I decided to take a walk down to Superdrug as I know that they don’t test on animals and are kind on your pocket!

The first product that drew me in was one by a brand called “Little Soap Company” named “Eco Warrior Beauty Edit” and is a hand and body soap.

This was on offer at the time and I think was about £4 but on a buy one get one half price offer.

The bar contains skin loving Shea Butter and is made with 99.9% of naturally derived ingredients and comes in plastic free packaging! The product is also certified as being Vegan, Cruelty free and uses RSPO certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

Now I wasn’t over the moon that it contains palm oil at all but after doing some research Palm oil is basically found in everything we use, cook or eat! 

Yes you can find some Palm Oil Free products but they often use other oils which also contribute to deforestation and need more land to grow the same amount of product.

So bearing this in mind whilst I will still strive to avoid products that contain Palm Oil If I have to buy them I will only buy ones that are RSPO certified from a Sustainable source.

Now I have already used all this bar so can’t have a quick sniff to remind me of the scent! But I can remember it had a lovely sweet but organic smell and lathered well.

The second soap I purchased at half price was the “Eco Warrior” Sensitive face and body cleansing bar. Again this was made from 99.9% of natural ingredients and contains Moisturising Olive Oil with added green clay to cleanse.

This one’s smell is more organic with the olive notes coming through. Again it lathered up well and neither soap leaves my skin feeling dry.

My favourite out of the two, is definitely the “Chill Out Bar” and this is purely because I much preferred the fragrant smell.

I'd definitely recommend these products and buy them again.

eco friendly soap

I had also ran out of facial moisturiser, now how am I going to go plastic free with this I thought? I looked at the selection and as this wasn’t going to be possible.

So I opted for a SuperDrug own brand moisturiser “Naturally Radiant” brightening day cream, which is infused with plant extracts including Kiwi and Mulberry and nourishing sugar beet extract! It also contains an SPF 15 is paraben and animal cruelty free and the packaging is recyclable.

When applying this cream wonderful fresh and fragrant notes waft up to my nose and the texture is lightweight and not sticky. My skin instantly feels hydrated, more smooth and I feel ready to go!

The price is reasonable at £7.99 and Superdrug often has bogof offers in store and online.

Reflecting on the barrier of moisturiser coming in single use plastics and also cosmetics using palm oil I started to research more.

The company that really caught my eye was LUSH,

All their products are Palm Oil free and they use minimal preservatives. Also they have a really good recycling ethos!

 All there plastic packaging is recyclable in store by taking back your empties. These are then recycled and many into new packaging for future customers! I really like the idea that the packaging my products come in will have already been used to hold previous customers' products and then will again after me!

I’m still to buy any products from Lush as the need hasn’t arisen yet! I will review these once I have.

Check out the EcoFreaks shop for sustainable home decor and use code JORDANSJOURNEY to get 20% off when you spend £10 or more.

Here’s where I sign off for now so till next time, Stay Safe, Sustainable and keep up all your good work my fellow Eco-Freaks!


Jordan xxx


  • This is great Jordan well done 👏 fantastic that your taking personal steps to go eco but also great that your sharing your experiences to help other people

    Kerry Maskell
  • Brilliant read! One small change is a step in the right direction! Love it! X

    Kerry W
  • A fantastic start, One man can affect change however large or small! Sainsbury are good for sustainable palm oil products.

    Leah Liddle

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