How can i make my home decor more eco friendly?

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How Can I Make My Home Decor More Eco Friendly ?

This is a question I get asked a lot, and there are so many ways that you can do this, you'll be pleased to know its possible to decorate your home  without it costing the earth!

My first response to this question is and will always be, 


None of these stores have very eco friendly practices, right from the production being in another country with underpaid and overworked employees probably working in unsafe conditions, to the materials used and the waste created, these companies are not ethical, sustainable nor eco friendly! We should not be putting money in the pockets of companies with such low standards!

This leads into the next tip, which applies when you are buying anything,


Now i may do blog post about how to assess a company's eco credentials, so for now i'll keep it simple. Here's what you should look for

*Is the product manufactured sustainability?

*Are ethically sourced materials used? 

*Life time of the product and can it be recycled after use?

*Is this a local business, and the product manufactured locally?

* Do they have Eco certifications if relevant?

*Do they have Eco Initiatives, such as plant a tree for every order, 

*Does the company have a sustainability mission?

If you're happy with the answers to these questions and are happy with the company's overall environmental policies, then you can buy with peace of mind. And it doesn't have to be perfect, nobody's perfect but i'd much rather buy from a business that is trying, than one who doesn't care!

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Second hand stores and charity shops are an absolute treasure trove of beautiful things for your home! So many people throw out perfectly good items just because they don't like the colour, so buy the thing and paint it! Itll still cost you a fraction of the price , you will feel proud because you made it beautiful and. you're likely to have paint leftover for the next project. Another bonus to this is that a lot of things like furniture in these places are old, and in the case of furniture means it's a thousand times better made than what we get sold now. So not only are you getting it so much cheaper but you're also getting a better product. It's not only furniture there is so much home decor in these shops it's crazy! I've never brought a picture frame new, or a mirror, or a vase, charity shops are always my first stop! Look around your local area for the best shops, some rubbish tips even have shops onsite to give items a chance. This is an increasingly common practice and if you don't feel like you're able to fancy up a reclaimed piece of furniture, there's probably someone local to you who does.


Where possible shop local to you, small businesses need your support, we are out here hand crafting environmentally friendly products for you while the big companies ruin our planet with their bad practices! Hand made products last longer and are more unique. When you shop small you really are supporting someone's livelihood, and we really do a little happy dance when we get an order!


Whenever you can choose natural fabric like hemp or bamboo, it's becoming more and more popular these days and you can buy towels, cushions and everything you need for your home without going near any synthetic material, They do tend to cost a little more initially but they also last for a lot longer and are more durable so it all balances out. The same goes for organic materials , always choose wood over plastic coated mdf and try to to avoid chemical finishes.I don't know why anyone would want a vinyl covered shelf when you could have a beautiful piece of wood. All this mdf is doing damage to our forests too so if you do need to buy it, please only buy the stuff that is FSC certified, this means the forests are managed properly.

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Now i've not used non toxic paint before so i can't give any recommendations, i can hear the outcry now, your meant to be eco friendly, your a hypocrite, your using toxic paint! Well yes I am, but I'm still helping the planet! You see I don't buy paint, I simply use paint others have left over and don't want anymore, from friends,from family, from neighbours from the local tip, abandoned next to skips. Wherever it comes from its honestly usually white,or cream, so I just use ink or powdered pigment to change the colour to one I do like! The main reason I do it this way is because the non toxic paints are extremely expensive and I'm just not in a position to spend that kind of money on paint, of all things.


Make it your mission to not bring any more plastic into your home. Things like picture frames are often covered in a plastic coating, instead choose metal, wood or glass for your home decor. These things can be more readily recycled or simply upcycled to match your new home decor. And don't throw out your existing plastic away, instead get creative and find a way to reuse it instead. (If you need to recolour plastic you will need a special paint that's designed especially for the job.) 


The simplest and probably most effective way to make your home more eco friendly is plants! Filling your home with plants not only looks very pretty but also can help clean the air to help you breathe easier. It's really a no-brainer to decorate with plants. Pots can be redecorated to match your current decor, the plants themselves are pretty too and it's been proven that having plants in your home improves mental health and sense of well-being. 

And that concludes that for now, that's my quick guide to being more Eco Friendly when it comes to your home decor. I'd love to see your own sustainable homes. Connect with me on Instagram to share your own homes. 

Peace out Eco Freaks 

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