The Eco Friendly Christmas Gift List

Hello everyone, this blog post is gonna be a little different, i've been thinking about ways to be more eco friendly this christmas especially where the gifts are concerned, every time we give a gift that is sustainable, we are raising awareness about our mission to be eco friendly, and with all the shops closed at this crucial christmas present buying time, where better to buy from than local and sustainable businesses. 
So i went on a little mission and compiled a list of the prettiest and most funky eco friendly products that you could give to your loved ones this year. I had a chat with each owner about their amazing products and got their eco friendly tips to share with you.
Eco friendly christmas gift guide

The Eco Friendly Gifts

  It’s the most Curious time of the year! The tinsel is up, the stockings are out, the sleigh bells are ringing and the kids are excited no doubt!
Introducing The Christmas Toolkit.
This set comes with:
3x 300g Christmas Sensory Doughs
2x Textured Rolling Pins
2x Christmas Themed Wooden Stamps
1x Wooden Spatula
4x Snowflake Stamps
Curiosity Corner Sensory Dough bears the CE mark and we have worked hard to ensure that none of our packaging is plastic and can be recycled or if possible reused!
Warning: This set is not suitable for children under 36 months, the dough is designed to be played with and not eaten - even though it looks and smells good enough to eat, it is not intended for consumption.
The Sensory Dough is made from Wheat Flour, Table Salt, Cream of Tartar, Glycerine, Olive Oil, Water, Food Colouring and Essential Oils. We cannot guarantee that there are not any traces of nuts or other allergens in our products.
Children must be supervised during their play.
The scents used in this set are:
Rudolph Red - Red Berries
Christmas Tree Green - Pine
Frost White - Marshmallow
Stamps may vary from those featured on photos.
Wooden Accessories in this kit are also available to buy separately under Accessories.
Making Christmas extra special
with personalised letter to Santa decorations, 
Made from reclaimed wood, stained white and hand lettered, this cute decoration will be personalised with your family name and makes a really special and unique decoration for your tree,
with no plastic in sight its an eco friendly option too,
as are all my products .
Eco Surprise is the new sustainable, eco-friendly surprise toy.
Hand-crafted from sustainably-harvested wood, they’re plastic-free, biodegradable, non-toxic and vegan-friendly. They can be collected to form playsets and will stand the test of time. Unlike their breakable plastic counterparts, these quality toys can be handed down through the generations. Perfect for open-ended, imaginative play, stocking fillers, story sacks, zero waste party bags and more!

The Punctured Innertube Wallet is handmade in Budapest by Felvarrom and is available in the UK from Enviroli. The Wallet is made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Each Wallet has had a previous life and tells a different story. It may have seen smiles and sunny cruising, tears and broken bones, or laughs and exhilarating treks. It could have travelled across the world, commuted in a bustling city, or taught a child how to ride in a quiet street. Each Wallet is unique, as the inner tubes they are made from vary in size, thickness and pattern. Every Wallet features a puncture repair patch from the previous life of the inner tube, and some may also include the original text and stamp from when the inner tube was manufactured. Every wallet is proudly finished with a carefully stitched Felvarrom logo and edging, which is available in several colours.

These gorgeous handmade crackers are a fantastic alternative to traditional crackers. Made from recycled kraft card, each one contains a Bee Friendly wildflower seed bomb, a hat, a bee joke and a snap. 100% plastic free, they are eco-friendly, vegan, recyclable, biodegradable, and have the added bonus of beautiful flowers for the bees next year! Contains 6 per box
This lovely macrame Christmas tree decoration is uniquely handmade from 100% cotton cord and either wooden beads or berry knots in the middle. They are a perfect addition to your eco-friendly home décor or boho style interior. Macrame technique originates back to the 13th century and today it is making a comeback. No wonder, as more and more people tend to choose handmade crafts instead of mass products with overpacking and full of plastics. This Christmas bit could be a perfect gift for your loved ones who try to live more sustainable or reduce plastic in their household.

The Sustainable Businesses 

and their amazing owners,

Alexandria is a mum to two toddlers. She works as a teacher part time and has a passion for early years education in the beautiful outdoors, surrounded by nature! She created Curiosity Corner to help share play ideas and inspire other parents and early years professionals! Alexandria creates beautifully soft sensory dough, each is scented to add a whole other level to a child’s play, ultimately sparking their curiosity and igniting their imagination!

Eco friendly tip - use fresh cut holly or pine as decoration on Christmas presents rather than bows or stickers!

Well you should already know me but if you don't ,
 I'm jody the creative brain behind ECOFREAK INTERIOR'S, 
Creating home decor the sustainable way, by recycling and recrafting into eco conscious designs.
Im a 30 something UK mom of three teenage boys! 
I'm a feminist and an earth warrior 🌍
I've always drawn and painted for as long as i can remember, 
I'm also keenly aware that we are destroying our little planet, (the kids call me a hippie! ) So combining the two was my inspiration for ecofreak interiors, 
I'm building my dream of being a successful business while doing what i love, and doing my bit to help our planet.
My mission is, to be kind to earth and inspire others to do the same while creating and encouraging sustainable design. For the benefit of a future where eco friendly is normal.
 Connect with me on Instagram
My eco christmas tip is to upcycle and make homemade crafts, the uses for things like jars are never ending, and handmade is always much appreciated.



I’m Rachael, mum, and founder of Quirky Earth eco toys and creator of Eco Surprise.

The business started with a genuine passion for change. Like many of her age group, my 5 year old was obsessed with plastic surprise toys. I’d buy them as a treat but then cringe at the huge amounts of plastic that they contained. I realised that the main attraction was the ‘surprise’ element and that the plastic toy was doomed for landfill shortly afterwards. This was how Eco Surprise was born and it’s the first range in my shop, Quirky Earth. It’s very early days for us but we have lots of beautiful wooden toys and accessories in the pipeline.

Eco-friendly tip: buy good quality, wooden, or second-hand toys! You’ll get more play value, and if they’re wooden they’ll last much longer.



Partners Ashley and Matthew had ran a successful events catering business for many years, but were very concerned about the amount of waste they were seeing at the events they attended. They began embarking upon their own eco-journey, but were shocked by the price and lack of information about the eco-friendly products they found. Convinced there was a better way, they closed their catering business in September 2019, and launched Enviroli in January 2020. Every product that is sold on Enviroli is meticulously researched before being stocked, and all of the information is provided to customers to help them make an informed choice. They believe that sustainability shouldn’t cost the Earth, so every product is priced as low as possible to try to make living an eco-friendly life as affordable as possible. Enviroli have also partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree for every product sold on the site. Since launching with a limited range, Enviroli has gone from strength to strength and now sells over 300 products for all areas of life.

Our eco-friendly Christmas tip is to ditch the plastic sellotape when wrapping presents and replace it with paper tape, which is fully recyclable and compostable. The amount of sellotape that ends up in landfill at Christmas is crazy, so this simple change could make a huge difference to Christmas waste.

I'm Sophie and i've always been concerned about the environment, and I first used cloth nappies with my eldest child 17 years ago! When I found out about the amount of toxic and animal based ingredients in cosmetics I was shocked and set about searching for more natural products. As I learnt more about the damage we are doing to ourselves and the planet, I decided I wanted to help bring more eco-friendly alternatives to the market. I test every product before adding it to my website to ensure that they are all at a high standard, and I offset my carbon emissions by planting trees through Ecologi.

I think the best eco Christmas tip is to think about the presents that you give - people don't just need stuff for the sake of it. Monthly craft or science box subscriptions, annual passes, cinema tickets etc, will last all year and create amazing memories without adding more unnecessary stuff to the world

I have always been interested in making handcrafts and trying to find ways to express my creativity. I've tried a lot of different things, from crochet to knitting, any DIY, I was even decorating my own costume when I was a hobby dancer. Recently, I'm getting more and more attracted by the 'plastic-free message' and trying to maintain a more sustainable lifestyle. It always makes me feel upset seeing a lot of beach litter and plastic pieces in our environment. During lockdown as I had more time at home, I discovered macrame. I was so happy to see that in this technique I could combine both: expressing my creativity while creating something plastic-free and more eco-friendly. I use 100% cotton cord, wooden beads, and driftwood or cinnamon stick for my makes which are all natural materials! I'd like to show people how you can decorate your home without producing a mass of plastic waste. My Christmas makes are my favourite ones so far. It's great to have sustainable alternatives during the holiday season, too, as we humans tend to overspend this time of the year. My motto is: it's not about being perfect but taking small steps towards a more sustainable future.

Our eco friendly Christmas tip: Reduce the use of glitter as much as you can. Even biodegradable glitter leaves microplastics in the environment.

CintyCrafts on instagram

And that wraps it up, your bound to find some beautiful Eco Friendly Christmas presents from these amazing businesses, and i hope you all have a very happy sustainable day.


Eco Christmas Tip's

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